One sided relationships don't work.

Just Say No To One Sided Relationships

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I’m an expert at killing.

Plants, that is. I have what you call a black thumb. What usually happens is that I forget to water them…and sadly, but not surprisingly, they wither and die.

So, John had this brilliant idea to gift me with some succulents, which are basically baby cacti. Mostly because he liked saying, “Your succulents are looking nice and plump today, baby”, with a wink ? But also because they don’t need to be watered very often, just once a week to keep them alive.

But then the once a week would come, and I would forget if I had already watered them or not, and since I usually do not water them, I would water them just to be on the safe side…Until I over-watered them, and they died.

So, I gave up on plants…And now if you come visit me, you’ll find all of these fake succulent plants all over my home. Plastic makes perfect sense to me.

Why am I telling you all this?


Give too little, and they die. But give too much — and they also die. That’ll preach people!!!!!

One Sided Relationships Don’t Work

For a healthy relationship to grow, you need just the right balance of give and take, give and take. This concept is something that has become SO SO SO very important to me through the years, and I’ve seen the death and life of relationships because of it.

I’m so convinced of this, that I dedicated an entire chapter of my new book- Love In Every Season – to this topic. In fact, this little story is adapted from that chapter. One sided relationships just can’t work!!!! Christian or not!!

It’s in the very first season — the Spring portion of the book, because If a relationship doesn’t start well, it has a much harder time getting on track later on…

You guys, I am so excited about this new book, and the lessons and analogies and strategies presented through the four seasons of a relationship. Only three months until it hits shelves…And it would mean everything to me if you would pre-order your copy today! Share this article with a friend who could use it and just say no to one sided relationships.


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