The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating: A 15 Day Online Dating Course




What You Get:

15-Day Lessons that are filled with the most practical and relevant information on how to approach online dating with a perspective rooted in God’s Word! Some of the most common questions I get asked during my singles seminars, mixers, social media messages, and emails surround online dating. Therefore, I wrote this course with my experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor to specifically address these questions. Some of the lesson topics include:

  • How to Know You Are Ready To Do Online Dating
  • How to Know What You Want in an Online Dating Interaction and Possible Relationship
  • How to Be Intentional
  • Dating App Discovery Preferences
  • How to Create Your Online Dating Profile
  • Discover Your Interests and Hobbies
  • Possible Profile Prompts
  • Implementing Healthy Boundaries
  • Make The Most of Your Profile: Pictures
  • Icebreaker Questions for Sending the First Few Messages
  • Importance of Honesty and Wisdom
  • How to Bring Things To Real Life: From Online to In-Person
  • Most Popular Dating Sites (including which one is my personal favorite)
  • And many more!

Workbook: Along with a 15-Days of daily lessons (immediate pdf electronic download), you will also receive my workbook (also in the form of an electronic download) that has corresponding numbered days to expand and dive deeper into each day’s topic. Utilize both the lessons and the workbook together to help you discover key insights and applications for your online dating experience.

You can choose to print out the workbook to fill it out using the lines provided or fill out the questions using the fillable sections on your computer to save as a reference point to come back to.

Please note that no physical items will be shipped because this is an online course!

I truly believe it will bless, challenge, and encourage you!