Breaking Free From The Lies Of Singleness Program




Did you know that there are certain beliefs that might actually be keeping you from finding love?

Beliefs that you have held on to for so long that they’ve become a part of the way you think, feel, and behave. Beliefs that could be impacting your feelings about yourself, your interactions with others, and even your hope for the future.

In psychology, we teach that a self-fulfilling prophecy is a belief about yourself that ultimately influences your feelings, thoughts or behaviors – causing that belief to come true.

Believing that you are unworthy of love, may prevent you from being able to accept love.

Believing that there are no good relationships left, may keep you from fully committing.

Believing that God is punishing you, may keep you  far away from Him, distancing yourself from His good plans.

Believing that something MUST be wrong with you, may keep you focusing on your flaws and prevent you from ever embracing your strengths.

There are so many negative beliefs that might be holding you back from love…and the greatest tragedy in all of this is that so many of those beliefs are completely untrue.

I wrote this 14 day program and workbook for anyone who is feeling hopeless, discouraged, and jaded at the prospect of ever finding love. For anyone who finds themselves battling the lies day after day.

The lies that tell you you’re not good enough.

The lies that fool you into believing that there must be something wrong with you.

The lies that shame you into feeling that maybe you’re not even worthy of love.

The lies that make you feel like God doesn’t care, or that maybe He’s punishing you.

The lies that paralyze you and keep you living in fear.

In this 14 Day Course, you’ll learn about 7 lies that are keeping you from finding love…but more importantly, you’ll learn the 7 truths that will help you break free those lies!


  • This e-course consists of 14 DAILY LESSONS (7 dangerous lies + 7 important truths) sent to your email address. These lessons are packed with important information that will challenge you and inspire you to identify the lies in your life and replace them with truth.
  • A 30 page electronic workbook for you to print out and use alongside of this program. This beautifully designed workbook is a KEY part of this program, and the daily questions will guide you as you dig deeper into the beliefs you have about relationships.
  • A 20-minute audio lesson where I expose 4 additional lies that people often struggle with in singleness, and talk you through how to counter those lies with truth.

You’ll learn to identify the things you CAN’T control, and take responsibility for the things you CAN control.

You’ll learn to call out the lies and begin to walk in truth.

It’s time to change the way you believe, and in turn how you live.

Because you will ALWAYS attract the kind of relationship you believe you deserve. And starting today, you can begin believing that you deserve more and take the initial steps to breaking free from the lies that are keeping you single!

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