4 Reasons Your Church Needs a Singles Ministry

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On my journey of becoming an author and speaker – I’ve had the privilege of meeting some incredible people. One of those is Pastor Chris Reed. He’s the Singles Pastor at Saddleback Church, and he’s become my brother-from-another-mother. He’s in charge of a thriving singles ministry in Lake Forest, CA. I visit Saddleback Church to teach seminars a few times a year, and let me tell you – they love their singles. And they do singles ministry SO WELL. I invited Pastor Chris to guest post at TrueLoveDates.com today, because he has such an important message to share. Give this post a read and share it with your church leaders and staff…and then, be praying about how God wants to use you to start a singles ministry in your church or community. #GodLovesSingles #SoDoWe — Debra


I recently began writing a book to churches on how to do Singles Ministry. In the introduction, I’ve listed important reasons why churches need to have a specific ministry to Singles. So, when my friend Deb reached out to me and asked if I’d like to share my thoughts on her blog regarding Singles Ministry in the local church, I was thrilled for the opportunity.

Over the years, I’ve had the tremendous blessing of meeting and listening to hundreds of volunteers, staff and pastors from other churches around the world. This occurs while attending and leading church health conferences, giving tours of our church’s campus to visiting church teams, and through the many emails and phone calls I receive each week from curious men and women looking to better serve the people in their church community.

Since my main responsibility at Saddleback is to serve our Singles, the conversations I have with these wonderful leaders always gravitates toward Singles Ministry in the local church. The question that almost always pops up is, “Why do we even need a Singles Ministry?”

This is usually followed-up with, “Won’t it just turn into a meat market?” and a similar variety of other ignorant statements.

I completely understand their questions and concerns. Being a Pastor since 1995, I used to make the same type of oblivious statements before I began serving Singles ten years ago. Now, I know better and encourage other church leaders to have a focused ministry to Singles.

Here are the 4 most important reasons YOUR Church should have a Singles Ministry

#1 Because Singles are in every Church.

Each church consists of men and women who are either Single or Married. As a church, we need to not only minister to the specific felt and real needs of each gender, but also the unique needs of each life stage.

Have a place for Singles to be served and to serve each other. Who is better to help Singles, than other Singles? Enlist, encourage, and equip healthy Singles to minister to hurting Singles.

Also, Singles love being with other Singles.

 #2 Because Singles need Jesus.

The best way churches can reach the Singles in their local community is through other Singles. It’s important for church leadership to inspire and instruct their Singles to reach out to people in their circles including friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and classmates. To help better facilitate this, churches should have a place specifically for Singles to gather.

Also, Singles love being with other Singles.

#3 Because Singles need a Church Family.

God doesn’t want Singles to live in isolation. Psalm 68:6 tells us, “God places the lonely in families…” That’s what our churches are…a family where people can know others and be known. Give them a place to worship where they will have a greater sense value and not feel like a third wheel.

A ministry to Singles will help Singles stick to the local church. Make it easy for them to connect by providing spaces and programs where they can meet for the purpose of developing true biblical community (aka – friendships) with other Singles.

Also, Singles love being with other Singles.

#4 Because Singles want to get Married.

More accurately, most Singles want to get married. Too many marriages end in divorce. I believe churches can help marriages win before they begin by having an intentional discipleship strategy targeted for Singles. Helping Singles get healthy, remain healthy and develop healthy relationships will better prepare Singles for strong and successful marriage.

Also, Singles love being with other Singles.

Comment below: What are some other reasons your church should have a Singles Ministry?

Chris Reed is the Pastor to Singles at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA, where Rick Warren is his boss. He and his beautiful bride, Tina, are one of John and Debra Fileta’s great friends.