Single in my 30s, how to hold on to hope when life doesn't look how I planned.

You Know You’re Single When…

In Single by Debra Fileta

Last week on Facebook I asked my single readers…

You guys…your answers killed me. I spent the entire evening reading through hilarious answers and literally laughing out loud while my husband was sitting next to me on the phone with the Comcast lady, who probably thought “who is that crazy woman laughing in the background??”

But I just LOVED it.

I think the reason I loved it so much is that humor is healing. I witnessed so many of you (who I actually feel like I “know” from your frequent comments, emails, and messages)….laughing at life instead of sitting in bitterness and discontent.

Proverbs 31 says that the godly woman (men, we can apply this to you as well!) is “clothed with strength and dignity, and can LAUGH at the days to come.”

So here’s to all you amazing people out there. Here’s to facing another day, another week, and maybe even another year of unknowns, as hard as it can sometimes be, filled with laughter…and the discipline of learning to savor the life you’ve been given.

If you need a good laugh, here are some of my favorites: You know you’re single when…

  • Jennifer Flt You have to remind yourself to shut the bathroom door when at someone elses house lol! Or you have to refrain from eating out of the icecream carton when you have company lol
  • Lauren Pareigat When you have to wear a sweater or jacket over your dress because you can’t zip up the back alone… and you ask a coworker to help you when you get to work.
  • Nilani Sanchez It’s a Friday night and your highlight is not having to share your pizza…
    ??? True story!
  • Deborah Johnson When a friend of your sister ask you if you gave up marriage for Lent!
  • Terry Layne When you keep re-reading Debra Fileta’s “Single” articles??
  • Matthew Cooper When your customer service call to the cable company ends with “No, you hang up first…..”
  • Karla Roseberry Fisher A razor blade lasts you a month ?
  • Lauren Ransil You eat every last M&M in the “SHARE SIZE” bags.
  • Jenni Button You’re set up with the only other single person in church….
  • Mel Micah U reserved table for one but food for two
  • Bobby Thao You have to buy plasticware for guests to use because all you have is a spork.
  • Daniel Kilby When you give the cop your number next to where she asks you to sign for a ticket.
  • Will Chivers You buy two tickets to an event months in advance but never end up going.

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