You Know You’re Single And Looking When……

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I asked this question on Social Media last week, and the responses seriously made me laugh out loud. Here are a few of my favorites. Be sure to catch the hilarious chime-in’s at the end of the post from my absolute favorite comedian Michael Jr. (Next time we want you back for a full guest post, Michael)! Thanks for making my day, ya’ll. Sometimes, we just need a good laugh:

You Know You’re Single and Looking When….

  • Valentine’s Day is “Ice Cream and Sweatpants Day”.
  • You wish the “gift of singleness” came with a gift receipt so you could return it.
  • After you look at their face, you search for the ring finger to make sure they’re single!
  • You’ve heard the words, “I know someone who would be PERFECT for you!” more times than you can count. And they were always so, so, so very wrong.
  • You have the Chinese Take-out phone number listed as one of your “Favorites” (right after mom).
  • You enter church on a Sunday morning and scan the room for any new potential candidates.
  • You secretly imagine every-day scenarios of where you could meet your future spouse.
  • Your fridge mainly consists of condiments, drinks, those free packets of sauces from Chick-Fil-A, and may or may not contain a couple of hot-pockets.
  • You “courtesy laugh” at jokes that aren’t even funny.
  • You pathetically insert your life into every rom-com you watch.
  • Your “prayer journal” is starting to resemble a little black book.
  • People can’t tell if you’re dressed to go to Prom- or the 10am service at Church.
  • You don’t bother shaving…like, at all.
  • You read into pretty much EVERYTHING. “He liked my picture on Facebook- what could that mean!?!” “We’re wearing the same color today- could that be a sign?!”
  • To get back at all your friends who post constant pictures of their spouses and children, you start posting a stream of pictures of your pets. Take that!
  • At some point, you’ve seriously contemplated using one of these cheesy Christian pick-up lines.
  • You’ve contemplated flying to Hong-Kong and back for a weekend get-away- just because you have that much time to kill.
  • You’re at a family reunion asking for confirmation that she’s your cousin. @MichealJrComedy
  • You work out at home before you go work out at the gym. @MichealJrComedy
  • You put on lipstick to check the mail. @MichealJrComedy
  • You’ve considered dumpster diving at the Men’s Wearhouse. @MichealJrComedy

Did yours make the list? If not, leave your own comment!! The best two comments will be chosen on Friday January 30th, to win a FREE copy of  director Corbin Bernsen‘s hilarious new Christian “Rom-Com” on DVD- Christian Mingle: The Movie (courtesy of The Mingle, LLC and Purpose Driven Sales & Marketing).

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