I'm afraid we've become so accustomed to sharing our "best" on social media, that we've lost the ability to open up about what's really going on inside.

Why I Let Go Of Picture Perfect

In Marriage by Debra Fileta

Looking at my social media profile during that time, you wouldn’t have had a clue.

To the rest of the world, my life looked great. But inside, I was crumbling.

I faced a secret battle. I was in the thick of postpartum depression, and my days were filled with tears, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed with life and all that it entailed. Life felt so dark, and I felt so alone.

The Dangers of Social Media

Scrolling through other people’s social media pages furthered my depression as I wondered: Why is everyone happy but me? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get it together?

My sweet husband gently held me and said something that stuck: “Everyone is going through something, but no one posts pictures of their tears.”

We live in a world where everyone presents their “picture-perfect” self on social media. As you scroll through, you’ll find what appear to be flawless families in our happiest moments.

We are out to show the world the best in us, even when it’s not always reality.

I’m afraid we’ve become so accustomed to showing our “best” that we’ve lost the ability to open up, even with the people we trust, about what’s going on behind the scenes.

To Love, Honor and Confess

Marriage is an invitation to share our brokenness.

It’s an opportunity to shed our facade and get real with who we are and with our struggles. It’s a chance to share our burden with the built-in helper God has given us. God knew we needed this when He proclaimed it is not good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18) Marriage is our time to declare that although we will struggle, we will no longer struggle alone.

We don’t often talk about the importance of confession within marriage.

In a survey I did of over 1,000 married people, nearly 50 percent of them reported that confessing their sins and struggles is what they discuss least in their marriage. It’s an important discipline that seems to have been lost in our world. But more concerning to me is that it’s been lost in our marriages.

As a professional counselor, I believe confession is an important part of building trust and achieving authenticity and freedom in a marriage relationship….

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Choosing Marriage

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