Why Good Friday = Good Relationships

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Sometimes I am so numb to the sin in my life.  I’ve become so accustomed to it that there are moments in my life that it doesn’t even bother me…or worse, moments that I’m not even aware of it.

I was reminded of that this morning, while hanging out with my  children.  My daughter, Ella, spilled something on the carpet for the 113th time this week.  The funny thing is, these spills used to actually phase me at one point in time.  I would panic, grab the carpet spray, and scrub it out as fast as I could.

I could barely tolerate the sight of a spot on my clean floor.  Fast forward 2 years later- we finally decided to invest in the best invention ever: the carpet  shampooer machine!  Now things spill, splash, and stain my carpet daily- and I don’t even bat an eye.  I know they will be taken care of.

For some reason the latest stain on my carpet  reminded me of something deeper- the stain of blood on Calvary.  I am thankful for the wounds that saved my life, but sometimes in my gratitude, I grow numb to my sin.  Knowing that my sin has been “taken care of”, I fail to acknowledge it, to recognize it, to confess it.  I fail to change.

Maybe this Good Friday is the opportunity to look at the stains in our life and acknowledge the price they cost Jesus. 

Maybe it’s time to look within at the choices we make every day and take inventory of how they are shaping the world around us. Maybe it’s time to understand that being covered by grace doesn’t mean we forget our sin, but that we’re even more aware of it’s presence in our lives. 

I mean, imagine what could happen if we truly began to recognize how our selfishness, pride, infidelity, covetousness, lust and un-forgiveness have impacted our relationship with God, ourselves, and others?   Imagine what could happen if we finally began to change?

Maybe Good Friday is our opportunity to move toward healing, change, and restoration.  Restoration with God, with ourselves, and with others.

John 8:11 “Neither do I condemn you.  Go and sin no more…”


What area of my life is God calling me to pursue change? 

Which relationships will that impact the most?

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