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Who’s Doing The Asking? #TheDatingScene

In Dating by Debra Fileta

I’m scoping out #TheDatingScene by taking a look of the survey results reported by YOU – singles from all across the country.

Before I get into the numbers of this post…let me start off by saying: people, there are a lot of good singles out there!!!  We just got back from the “Praying For Your Love Life” event that I did out at Saddleback Church, and my husband John and I are just SO impressed by the hundreds of men and women we met that are loving God passionately and serving Him faithfully.  So singles- don’t give up hope!! Keep moving in the direction God has called you and keep your eyes peeled and your heart open to the new people He might bring into your life along the way.

I just had to get that rant out before I got to the survey…..

One of the questions I asked in the survey is how often are dates initiated by YOU? My goal for this question was to see what percentage of Singles out there are taking responsibility for their love-life in this particular way.

The survey said…..

Over 71% of singles reported that most of the time they are NOT doing the asking when it comes to dating.

That leaves the other less than 30% of singles who are willing to actually ask someone out on a date.

I don’t know about you, but a 70/30 split seems rather uneven to me.

Like I said in the last post about reasons why Christian Singles Aren’t Dating, I think part of the reason this number is so terribly slanted toward a lack of initiative is because women (who are a significant part of Christian Singles) have been taught that taking initiative in a dating relationship by asking someone out for a cup of coffee or for some lunch, is wrong.

But my question to you in digging a little deeper with this subject is this:

Comment below:

What reasons keep you personally from taking initiative in developing a friendship or dating relationship with someone of the opposite sex? Why are less than 30% of the people doing the asking? 

What do you contribute to the overall lack of initiative when it comes to Christians and Dating? 

Also, I’m curious – what is your view on a woman taking initiative and asking someone out on a date? What has typically been taught to you about this subject?

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