What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality

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I have a confession to make.

I really…love…coffee.

Upon opening my eyes this morning, one of the first things on my mind was “When is it coffee time?”…quickly after, “Do I really have to wake up?”

For me, coffee is a flavor from heaven, and gives a night-owl like me a small shot at becoming a morning person- even if it lasts for just a few moments. I’m a one-cup a day kind of gal, but I can’t even describe to you how enjoyable that one-cup a day actually is.

With coffee on my mind this morning, I Tweeted: “How you like your coffee says a lot about you– so how do you like yours?”

The responses were fun to read, and I enjoyed interacting with my fellow-coffee drinkers. But what I find most interesting, is that an L.A. psychologist, Dr. Ramani Durvasula, decided to do some actual research on what your coffee says about you. He surveyed 1,000 coffee drinkers, in attempt to connect personality traits to coffee-drinking styles. As a Professional Counselor myself, I have to advise you that these results are in no-way an accurate indicator that coffee or drinking preference actually impacts personality- but they were still intriguing and fun to read!

Here’s what your coffee might be saying about you…

Black: According to Dr. Durvasula’s findings, black coffee drinkers tend to be purists in every form. They might be described as “old-school”, and appreciate keeping life simple. They don’t really like change and at times, can come across as abrupt. Black coffee drinkers tend to be quiet people, but efficient in every way. Their only downside? Moodiness…maybe that’s why they need their coffee black!

Latte Drinkers: I am a latte-drinker to the core. In fact, I’m an extremist, in that I like a splash of coffee with my cream and sugar. These coffee drinkers tend to have personalities like an open-book, what you see is what you get! They are people pleasers, and will go out of their way to help and take care of others. They like to look on the bright side, and soften the bitterness of life however they can. The problem with these coffee-drinkers is that they have a tendency to do too much for others- and neglect taking care of themselves.

Frozen or blended: These coffee-drinkers are the trendsetters, because they don’t really care what people think. They are adventurous, bold, imaginative, and child-like in how they approach the world. They love spontaneity and change, and want to have a good time. Their only fault is that they can be reckless and fall for the quick fixes of life instead of making healthy choices.

Soy, decaf, skim, half-caf, extra foamy (etc, etc, etc.): We all know one of these high-maintenance coffee-drinkers. They are the ones that take forever to order because their coffee-preference is tailored especially for them. These type of coffee drinkers like to be in control of life and relationships. They have a tendency to be perfectionists, obsessing over the details- which can sometimes be misinterpreted as selfishness. They tend to be sensitive worriers – who are comfortable with rules, boundaries, and structure. But at the end of the day, they do their best to make healthy choices especially when it comes to their bodies.

Instant Coffee: Aaah the instant-coffee bunch. These are the laid-back, nonchalant, Type B drinkers of the group. They tend to take life as it comes and not really worry about tomorrow. They tend to procrastinate and put things off, and would rather enjoy the moment than get lost in the details. Their downside is that they don’t always have a good life plan, and therefore can often neglect the important things in life.

Whether or not the saying  “you are what you drink” is true, it’s fun looking at the traits and tendencies that certain people carry based on their coffee-preferences. And no matter where you fall on the coffee-drinking spectrum…take a moment today to enjoy your java…and find joy in the details.

I’d love to hear from you- How do you like your coffee?

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