True Love Dates Topics for 2014: Leave Your Feedback!

In Advice and Encouragement, Relationships by Debra Fileta

I’ve been diligently working on responding to my True Love Dates emails, but  my inbox still has 29 unread messages just from this week.  As you can tell, I’m behind…and that’s after trying really hard to catch up.

I’m honored– and so excited that you guys have flooded me with incredible questions!   I love that God is working, and challenging you to think outside of the box, and that you’re reaching for answers.  I so want to be a part of that.  But I’ve realized that keeping up can be hard.  And due to time restraints, being a wife, and mother of two kids 3 and under…there just isn’t enough time in the day.

With that in mind, I want to focus on rerouting your relationship, dating, love, sex, and marriage, questions through article form- so that one question might benefit many. I’m opening up to hear from you about the specific topics, questions, and articles you would like to see me tackle in 2014.

Take a moment to leave your suggestions!  This way, I can cover the most prominent and popular issues through articles that can benefit many people at once.

I’m excited to hear what’s on your mind, so I’ll be checking back often! If it’s a topic I’ve already covered, I can direct you to the right resource.

Thanks for your input!