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Top Christian Dating Sites: Let These Statistics Speak For Themselves.

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What are the Top Christian Dating Sites right now? What sites or apps are most Christian singles using to try online dating?

If you’ve been following along at TrueLoveDates.com, you know I recently sent out a survey all about online dating, to try and get an inside scoop in what’s going on with the Christian online dating scene these days.

I had nearly 500 Christian Singles from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY take this poll, and the answers gave me some really interesting insight. Scroll down below to find get the scoop about everything from the top Christian dating sites to the number of successful dates that have come from online dating.

Have you ever tried online dating?

christian dating sites

According to this survey, over 80% of Christian singles have tried online dating.

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty blown away by this high number.

It just goes to show you that times are changing, and online dating is becoming a thing of the majority over the minority.

How many online dating sites/apps have you tried?

christian dating sites

A whopping 44% of Christian singles are trying 3-5 dating apps and sites.

According to the surveys, it looks like the majority of people are trying at least 2-5 sites.

They’re exploring their options and trying out different things. They’re not limiting their online experience to just one site – and I think that’s a good call.

Which online dating site or app have you enjoyed using the most?

The most interesting thing about this survey was finding out that the top Christian dating sites aren’t actually “Christian dating sites”.

Here’s the breakdown of the Top 5 Dating Sites where Christian singles reported they’re enjoying online dating the MOST:

#1: eHarmony

#2: Match.com

#3: Christian Mingle

#4: Coffee Meets Bagel

#5: Bumble

I don’t claim to be an expert about the online dating world, but if you’ve been wondering about the top Christian dating sites people are using, I’m going to let these statistics speak for themselves.

How many people did you start casually getting to know as a result of online dating?

christian dating sites

The great news is that the majority of people said they started interacting with at LEAST 6 people, thanks to online dating.

If nothing else, I thought this survey pointed to the fact that online dating like a great opportunity to practice your interactions with the opposite sex and start the process of getting to know people.

How many dates have you been on as a result of an online connection?

christian dating sites

So how many of those casual interactions actually translated into a real life date?

The majority of people, 74% of respondants, said they got anywhere between 1-6 dates (with the majority of that bunch reporting 6+ dates)! Those are some pretty good numbers.

But interestingly enough, 26% of people said they haven’t been on one date yet as a result of online dating. So, based purely on this data, it looks like 3/4 people are going to land a date by trying the online dating thing. Those aren’t bad odds if you’re looking for a date.

How many weirdos are out there in the world of online dating?

christian dating sitesOkay, so I wasn’t that blunt in asking the question – but I wanted to know what type of people they were meeting online!

The surprisingly good news is that the VAST MAJORITY said they’re meeting decent people, just not finding a good match for them.

Only 13% of people reported meeting some cray-crays out there in the world of online dating. I don’t know about you – but about 1/10 cray-crays sounds like the standard average to me even OFF LINE! So the odds aren’t that bad.

How much money are you spending on online dating?

christian dating sites

I’m a budget person, so I was curious to know how much money was going down in the world of Christian dating sites.

The good news is, people aren’t going crazy with this. The majority of people (82%) said they’re spending between 0-$30 dollars online dating.

And only 1% of people reported spending $100 dollars or more. That sounds like a wise choice to me. We all want to find a good match for our lives, but let’s not go nuts with this.

Are you going to keep giving online dating a chance?

christian dating sites

So are people who tried online dating going to keep trying online dating?

The answer came in as pretty much a 50/50 split.

Some people are going to keep trying and hoping to find a good match for their lives. They’re not ready to give up on online dating yet and they’re holding onto hope.

The other 50% were over it. Moving on to other things. And that’s absolutely okay too.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should try online dating, or if you’re feeling stuck and looking for some online dating tips, I challenge you to take a few minutes to listen to this episode of the podcast all about online dating tips.

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