Top 5 Places to Meet Christian Singles

Top 5 *Non-Traditional* Places To Meet Christian Singles in 2018

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Where on earth do you meet Christian singles these days?

I get that question a lot from my readers at, and rightly so. Christian singles are looking for a way to meet other Christian singles, and the traditional places to meet someone of the opposite sex aren’t always cutting it [Check out 10 places to meet someone of the opposite sex in this article]. 

I was watching a daytime TV show that suggested singles go to some non-traditional places to get a date –  like a steakhouse, a hardware store, or the grocery store. 

So, I decided to put together my own “CHRISTIAN” version of the non-traditional list. Starting with the most obvious place….


A couple days ago I got an awesome tweet from a smart woman asking me if I suggest Chick-Fil-A as a starting point. Girlfriend, you are way ahead of the game!! If you’re looking to meet Christian singles in 2018, why not start with this hot spot? Where else can you find a room full of Christians having conversation while munching on the tastiest chicken sandwich of all time?

And I don’t know about your Chick-Fil-A, but at mine, there’s a good chance you’re going to find over 75% of patrons praying before they eat. Talk about a happy place. And I haven’t even mentioned the plethora of sauces. It’s like a built-in compatibility test. Just wait to see his/her sauce of choice…and then see what you have in common. Honey mustard is his favorite sauce? It’s your favorite too!! It’s a match made in heaven.


Men, walk into any Hobby Lobby and you’ll find a plethora of good Christian girls. Not only that, but they’re CRAFTY!!!!!! Just stroll to one of the aisles, and pretend to browse. Soon enough, you’re bound to run into a single woman. She’ll look at you. You’ll look at her. You’ll smile and say hello, and then ask her what type of glue she suggests for your decoupage project. Don’t know what that means? Then google it before you go. And if you REALLY want to slam dunk secure a date with her, make sure you bring along your 40% coupon to “share” with her at checkout in case she forgot hers.


I don’t know what it is about Panera, but this place is buzzing with Christians. Especially on a Sunday between the hours of 11am and 3pm (I refer to these as the “after-church” crowd). I mean, every time I walk into a Panera Bread – without fail- I overhear SOMEONE praying or having accountability time with a friend in the neighboring booth. And then there’s always that guy or girl sitting in a corner by themselves doing their devotions. Christians…..Everywhere. There’s women’s bible studies, men’s conversational groups, book clubs, and so much more going down at Panera. And where else can you get soup in a delicious bread bowl? It’s a win-win in my book.

#4 Barnes & Noble

If you’ve exhausted all of the above options, consider spending some time at your local Barnes & Noble Bookstore. But don’t just go in and sit down at the cafe, take a little stroll….all the way to the Christian inspiration aisle. You’re BOUND to run into Christian singles there. Be very specific about standing in front of the Christian dating & relationships shelf, and even go as far as thumbing through a copy of True Love Dates. Not only does it show you’re interested in learning, but it makes for a great conversation starter too. “True Love DATES, baby…” 

#5 Comment Section

Okay people, you may have noticed the hint of sarcasm in the listicle above, but I kid you not on this one. I mean, hundreds of thousands of pretty awesome Christian singles are reading, commenting, and posting on the pages of this blog and Facebook Page every single month – I personally think that’s a great way to meet someone, isn’t it? I’m seriously just waiting for the day when a married couple reaches out to me and tells me they met in the comment section of That will seriously make my day.

If you’re single going into 2018 – please, don’t fret. You never know what – or who – is just around the corner. I can personally testify to that in my love story. First and foremost, take some time to get healthy spiritually and psychologically. And then take a step outside of your traditional box – meet some new people, make some new friends…and take some steps toward God and community.

No matter what your relationship status, make this year the best one yet.

Comment below: What are your favorite “non-traditional” places to meet Christian singles?

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