Top 10 Relationship Articles of 2013

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I’ve really enjoyed seeing the top 10 articles floating around the web this week, so I thought it would be fun to put together one of my own.  Since the launch of the True Love Dates blog in March 2013, it’s been awesome to watch readership exponentially grow! In the past 2 months alone, our readership has doubled with each month.  But out of all the posts from this past year: here are the top 10 most read!

10. 10 Dating Deal-Breakers: Coming in at #10, this article is all about what to avoid and when to run when you see these signs in a relationship.  We often focus on the things we want when it comes to finding love, but these 10 dating deal-breakers are things you have to keep in mind for what you don’t want!

9.  How to Never Get Led-On Again:  This article was a huge hit because it challenges the “victim mentality” and asks us to take ownership of the relationships we find ourselves in.  It may not always be possible to avoid heart-break, but we sure can avoid dead-end relationships by following these simple strategies in 2014!

8.  We All Come with a Price Tag:  Value, worth, and identity are some things we all struggle with along the road of life.  The fact that this article spread like wild-fire, is a sign that deep down, we all believe we are worth far more than we give ourselves credit for–because we’ve been bought at a high cost by a God who loves us.  This article challenges us to take inventory of what we believe we’re worth and how that actually impacts our relationships.

7.  Emotional Sex: How to Practically Guard Your Heart:  The title of this article alone peaked a lot of interest from our readers.  We talk a lot about physical boundaries in a relationship, but the emotional piece is often neglected or even ignored.  This article hones in on the importance of understanding emotional boundaries, and learning how to protect your heart in a relationship.

6.  What to do About One-Sided Relationship?  From the amount of attention this article received, it reveals that so many of us have grown accustomed to expecting less and less out of our relationships.  This article challenges us to  dig deep and assess the level of health that actually exists in the kind of relationships in which we find ourselves giving and giving…receiving little back in return.

5.  4 Ways to Look Available, Not Desperate This article got a ton of reads- but not a ton of shares. Makes sense when you consider the title!  These 4 Tips seem to have been really enjoyed by our readers.

4.  8 Ways to Pray for Your Love Life (or Lack-Thereof):  The popularity of this article surprises me, because it focuses on such a basic part of having a relationship with God– prayer!  But this simple truth is so profound, because prayer has the power to do what we cannot.  For those who want to talk to God about their relationships, this article offers 8 practical ways that you can pray over your love-life or your desire for one.

3.  What Women Really Want in a Man & 2.  What Men Really Want in a Woman:  These two articles were number #3 and #2 on the list, but they were also 2 out of the top 10 most read articles I submitted for Relevant Magazine (With one of them reaching 50,000+ shares!). Their popularity also warranted in them being turned into a print article for the Relevant publication in the January/February issue.   The virality of these two articles is a really incredible indication this generation of men and women are defying cultural norms and looking for a godly counterpart!  I am so encouraged by the responses I received from this article, because it is proof that God is up to some crazy-awesome things in this generation’s view of love and relationships.  I’m humbled to play a small part in the big picture of what He’s doing.

1. 5 Reasons He Hasn’t Asked You Out:  Surprisingly, men make up 54% of my blog readership, but this article definitely hit home with all the ladies!  Women everywhere are trying to understand why it sometimes seems so hard to get asked out on a date.  I surveyed some men, and here are the top 5 reasons they came up with of why he hasn’t asked you out.  I believe this article has brought some clarity (and some hope) to the women out there.

If you haven’t already, take the time to read these most popular articles of 2013–and then tell me- what has been your favorite article?  Did it make the list?

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