To The Woman Who Can’t Get Over Her Jerk Boyfriend

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Q: How do I get over a man who has another girlfriend but seemed very sincere when we first met?

A: You met. And quickly, your heart went out to him. He was charming, sweet, kind, and everything you ever dreamed of him to be. He swept you off your feet with his personality, his words, and his affection.

He “seemed” so sincere. And you started falling for him….hard.

Feelings can be so intense sometimes, can’t they? So much so, that even when the fog of emotions clear, and you start seeing things for what they are, it can be really hard to reign them in again and walk away from a relationship that isn’t good for you.

And that’s exactly what needs to happen here. You need to walk away.

In every dating relationship, there comes a point in time when your expectations of that relationship and the reality of that relationship come face to face. And in my professional opinion, you don’t need more than a good year to begin to see what a person is really made of.

A person’s true colors will always begin to shine through – if you’re brave enough to see it.

And in this situation, it’s clear that who he told you he was — who you you thought he was — and who he actually is are two very different people.

Let me remind you that in situations like this, you can’t trust your feelings. You just can’t. God designed our emotions to help guide us, but they’re never meant to lead the way. Ever. What needs to lead the way is truth. And the truth is clear that this man is not committed to you, nor will he ever be. Because no matter how hard you want to believe it, you can’t change someone with your love.

They need to learn to change for themselves.

And at the end of the day, nothing he says matters if his actions don’t speak love.

Love doesn’t cheat.

Love doesn’t lie.

Love doesn’t abandon.

Love doesn’t live a double life.

It’s genuine.

It’s authentic.

It’s selfless.

It’s committed.

It’s sincere.

That’s what love looks like.

Remind yourself that it is a GIFT to walk away from the wrong relationship, because it allows your heart to be open to the right one.

You deserve that. And the healthier you become, the more your eyes will be open to the fact that you DESERVE good things. And soon enough, you’ll begin to recognize the good from the not so good…

Because as difficult as it is to walk away from an unhealthy dating relationship….it’s even more devastating to move forward into an unhealthy marriage.

Remind yourself of that…shut the door behind you….and begin to move forward, one step at a time. And with God’s help, strength, and grace, I’m praying you’ll choose to believe for better.

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