Time doesn't heal all wounds.

Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

In Mental and Emotional Health by Debra Fileta

“Time heals all wounds.”

Whoever coined that phrase must have never experienced any kind of trauma or loss. Time alone might heal small wounds, but it doesn’t heal all wounds.

Sure, if all you have is a “paper cut” on your heart, a little passing of time will get you to a better place. But if you have a festering wound—a broken heart, a tragic loss, a traumatic experience, shattered trust, a painful childhood—please, don’t tell me that time will heal all wounds. Because it can’t.

Time alone doesn’t have that kind of power.

Simply putting space between you and a festering wound doesn’t make it go away. In fact, it may get even more infected with the passing of time. You have to give it attention and tender care for healing to happen.

You have to be intentional. You have to go backward and deal with the wound before you can move forward into healing.

One thing I see that happens so often on an emotional level is that people ignore significant heart and soul wounds, expecting them to heal with time. But they only get worse and worse along the way. Because time doesn’t have the power to heal all wounds.

A year from now, 365 days will have passed. But you won’t be any healthier than you are today unless you choose to be. Because time alone can’t get you there. You have to learn to live intentionally, partnering with God in the process of healing. You have to be purposeful and deliberate. You have to be willing and prepared to acknowledge the past, understand the past, and then deal with the past hand in hand with Jesus.

Are you willing and ready to partner with him in the journey? Are you ready to take the next steps toward healing.

Because time can’t heal all wounds. Only Jesus can.

What will you do to over the next 365 days to become healthier emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically? I want to offer you a plan. I want to help you get there. 

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Time doesn’t heal all wounds is an excerpt from Chapter 12 of Are You Really O

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