Take This Fun Personality Test!

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Personality Tests. Everyone loves them. Just look around, they’re all over Facebook. From what color are you more like, to where are you most likely to live, to what character are you like on your favorite T.V. show. People love to get even just a little bit of information about who they are and what they’re like.

At one point in my counseling career, I worked with teenagers on a regular basis. One thing you learn fast is that getting teenagers to talk on a deep level isn’t always a simple task. So, in order to start some conversations, I would use this fun personality test game.

The object of this fun game is to read to the list of words below, and choose which word best describes you…but then comes the fun part: tell me why! The conversations that would ensue thereafter were some of the richest, most thought-provoking talks I’ve ever had, especially with those teens! But moreso, they allowed each individual an opportunity to really dig deep in the process of figuring out and identifying who they were; in the process of #DatingInward.

So, my faithful readers, I invite you to do the same!! Look at the list below, and copy paste your answers into the comment section below. Dig deep, get creative, think outside of the box, and tell me WHY you are the answer you chose…I’m excited to learn more about you and hear what you have to say!

Are You More Like…and Why? 

A Yes or a No

Mountains or Valleys

Suit or Jeans

Night or Day

Circle or Square

Teacher or Student

Pen or Pencil

Orchestra or Rock Band

Question or Answer

Eggwhite or Eggyolk

Fire or Ice

Nail or Hammer

Cash or Check

Child or Old Man

So, let’s hear your answers, as you get to know yourself a little bit better. And then share this with a friend to hear how they would answer the questions!

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