You need to walk away from someone in your life right now - but maybe you’re struggling to recognize it. Here are 12 signs of a bad relationship.

12 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Good Enough

In Relationships by Debra Fileta

What are some signs of a bad relationship? How do you know whether or not a relationship is good enough?

This week on the podcast I talked about junk food relationships: relationships that are convenient, quick, and easy – but not good for you.

Our caller was a woman struggling with these types of relationships. She kept finding herself dating the guy next door, falling into a cycle of relationships that were convenient instead of healthy relationships. In the episode, we talk through her motivation for staying, and then I give her some practical steps to move away from this type of relationship.

My guess is that some of you need to walk away from someone in your life right now – but maybe you’re struggling to recognize it. I’m going to give you 10 signs of a bad relationship.

Signs of a Bad Relationship

  1. You don’t feel comfortable talking about your feelings or emotional needs.
  2. You feel like you can’t be 100% yourself in the relationship.
  3. The relationship seems to be centered on sexual pleasure.
  4. You find yourself staying because you don’t think you “can get better”.
  5. Your closest friends and family have voiced concern or disapproval of the relationship.
  6. Your always on-again, off-again.
  7. You find yourself stuck in a cycle of unhealthy interactions that leave you feeling down.
  8. There’s a lot of drama and you can’t seem to resolve issues or conflict in a productive way.
  9. You keep telling yourself this relationship is just “temporary” but you stay because you’re lonely or bored.
  10. There’s a lack of connection spiritually, mentally, or emotionally.
  11. You find the relationship is adding more stress to your life than joy.
  12. The relationship is one-sided: you’re doing all the work and getting nothing in return.

If you missed it, click the image below and take a few minutes and listen to this week’s episode of the Love + Relationships Podcast: JUNK FOOD RELATIONSHIPS. Your love-life will thank you for it.

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