sex tips and tricks for newlyweds (and not so newlyweds)

Sex Tips & Tricks For Newlyweds (or not so Newlyweds)

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Today we’re talking about sex tips and tricks for Newlyweds (and not so newly weds)

Q: My wife and I are newlyweds, and right now sex is a little bit of a struggle and seems forced. Any advice or suggestions?

Friends – we’re talking about sex!

Over the course of the next few weeks, leading up to the book launch of Married Sex: A Christian Couple’s Guide To Reimagining Your Love Life, we’re taking all your questions about sex! Gary Thomas, my co-author, is joining me as co-host for this Love & Relationships Podcast Series: All About SEX!

Today’s question comes from a newlywed couple looking for advice and sex tips to overcome some of the struggles of being a new-to-sex. 

But the advice we give them today doesn’t just apply to newlywed sex! If sex has been a little bit of a struggle lately, then this episode is for you. We talk about the #1 tip to making sex better for both parties, some obstacles that come up as newlyweds and beyond, as well as some other sex tips and tricks along the way!!!

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