sex in marriage

Let’s Talk About Sex!

In Marriage by Debra Fileta

I knew that talking about sex would get your attention. 

It always does!

When it comes to conversations about sex, Christians haven’t always done a great job of bringing healthy discussions about sex and sexuality. But in recent years, that’s changing. Pastors, leaders, authors and teachers are realizing that if we don’t speak into this subject, others will.

But even so, there are so many questions and conversations that Christians are longing to have, and not sure where to turn for answers. 

That’s why I’m beyond excited to share with you about this upcoming collaboration about SEX in marriage. I’m partnering with the one and only, pastor and author Gary Thomas (Bestselling author of Sacred Marriage), to bring to you a comprehensive book all about SEX!

This book is candid, practical, and rooted in God’s word. It’s filled with real-life stories, clinical solutions, and biblical truths that will challenge and change your view and perspective on sex. 

We’re so excited about this partnership that will offer perspective from both a MALE and FEMALE, PASTOR and LICENSED COUNSELOR, and span the ages and stages of marriage.

This book is already in the works, and we can’t wait until Fall 2021 to get it into your hands! But until then, we would love your help and perspective. 

To make this book as comprehensive, practical, and helpful as possible, we’d love for MARRIED COUPLES to take this short 3 minute survey together, and give us feedback, information, and perceptive on the topics that would be most helpful for you. 


By clicking the survey above, you’ll not only get to stay connected to this project as it unfolds, but your input will be used to help guide this resource as it takes shape. 

We’re so excited to be working together, but more excited for all that God is going to do in your life and in your marriage through this powerful upcoming resource. Thank you for your support!

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