It’s Time for RESET! (Audiobook Sneak Peek!)

In Podcast by Debra Fileta

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Is there something in your life you want to change? I sure hope so, because healthy people are always on the trajectory of learning, and growing, and healing. 

Maybe it’s your negative thinking that’s keeping you stuck. 

Maybe you find your emotions are overwhelming you with fear, hopelessness, shame, anxiety, or depression. 

Maybe you’re struggling in your relationship with God. 

Maybe you’re stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships. 

Maybe it’s behaviors that are sabotaging your life like an addiction or unhealthy habits. 

It could be your attitude, your mindset, or your perspective on life that needs to shift. 

Whatever it is – in order for change to happen, it has to start from the inside out. 

My new book RESET is all about getting healthy from the inside out. It’s a book of 31 practices that will guide you into the process of healing, by giving you practical steps that will transform your life with changes that last.  

In honor of my new book, over the next few weeks, we’re diving into different areas of your life that might be in need of a RESET

We’ll be talking through everything from unhealthy thinking, to your relationship with God, to your marriage, trauma history, body image, boundaries, and everything in between. We’re going on a journey of resetting from our default mode, and learning to do it differently! 

As the first episode in our RESET series, I wanted to do something a little special today on the podcast. I had the joy of reading this book on audio myself, and so I wanted to share with you the first few pages of the book so you could hear it first right here before anyone else on the podcast! So sit back and take a listen to RESET: powerful habits to own your thoughts, understand your feelings, and change your life.


RESET comes out in just one short week on March 14th! Right now, if you pre-order RESET you’ll be entered to win a $1,500 package of 10 sessions with our counselors network, and get a FREE ticket to our live online seminar called RESETTING FROM unhealthy habits! Just go to to grab your copy and enter your information to get all these preorder bonuses!

DEBRA FILETA is a Licensed Professional Counselor, national speaker, bestselling author, relationship expert, and founder of the Debra Fileta Counselors Network. She’s written six books including Choosing Marriage,True Love Dates, Love In Every Season, Are You Really OK?, Married Sex, and RESET. She’s also the host of the hotline style Love + Relationships Podcast answering listener questions about love, relationships, and mental and emotional health. Her popular relationship advice blog,, reaches millions of people with the message of healthy relationships. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or book an online session with her or someone from her team today!