10 things that can cause major relationship problems if you're not aware of them.

Top 10 Relationship Killers: Small Things That Cause Big Relationship Problems

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It’s not usually the big things that cause relationship problems…it’s the small things. 

It’s the little things that go unaddressed and add up with time that end up causing more damage in a relationship than anyone ever expects.

So how do you avoid them? You start by recognizing them.

Top 10 Relationship Problems

There’s a few big picture things that can really mess with your relationship and with your marriage. The problem is, most people don’t know about these things. They aren’t on the lookout. And then they come into counseling years later when their marriage is practically on life support.

This is why I believe the more we know, the better we will do. And that’s exactly why I want to take the time to talk through these relationship problems on this episode of the podcast. So tune in to Episode 017 of the Love + Relationships Podcast to listen to this important conversation addressing 10 major relationship problems that you need to know about!


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