What happens when you feel ready to wed, but your parents tell you to wait?

Ready to Wed: When you’re ready to marry but your parents say no.

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What happens when you think you’re ready to wed – but your parents want you to wait?

That’s the dilemma faced on this week’s episode of the podcast.

“We’re ready to get married, but our parents want us to wait.”

It can be really tricky learning how to manage the expectations of what you feel called to in your love live, versus what other trusted friends and family believe. But it’s all important and it’s all part of the equation.

So when do you take into consideration when you feel ready to wed vs. what others think?

How do you honor your parents in the process yet still move forward in your relationship?

When do you trust what they’re saying over what you’re feeling?

Ready to Wed

On today’s episode, our couple is torn between feeling ready to wed, but wanting to respect and honor their parents in the process as well. Catch up on Episode 31 of the Love + Relationships Podcast to hear me talk through the answer to this question!

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