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When you hear the term “inner child”, you might experience a variety of emotional responses. While this topic is gaining new traction in conversations, it is certainly not a new topic in our understanding of the human experience. Some might hold the belief that the inner child should be left in the past while others feel their life is driven by their wounds from their childhood.

There is so much misunderstanding in how childhood wounds are perceived that it is understandable people have difficulty identifying that they have an inner child. How can we expect ourselves to change what we can’t even acknowledge?

The Reset Your Inner Child Seminar will work to address healthy understandings of your inner child, challenge commonly held misconceptions, and offer practical and meaningful ways to heal your inner child, whether or not you are currently aware of what’s in need of healing.

In this seminar, you will:
 Identify what constitutes an inner child and learn who your inner child is
 Learn about the deficits your inner child carries with you into adulthood
 Understand how your inner child can hijack your personal and professional relationships
 Develop understanding from research-based perspectives on the developmental impact
of unhealed childhood wounds
 Grow in the knowledge and motivation to live from a more healed version of your child
and adult self

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Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Time: 8:00pm – 9:30pm EST
Where: Online Seminar on Zoom (you will be sent a link after completing checkout)
This is a Co-Ed Seminar, All Relationship Statuses
Ticket Price: Early Bird: $20 (until July 1, 2024), Regular Price: $25

[This is an online live event. Those who register will have access to a recording of the seminar at a later date. The event will be held on Zoom.]

At this time, we can only accommodate 300 people for this event, so please get your tickets as soon as possible to ensure your spot!! 

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DEBRA FILETA is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in dating, marriage, and relationship issues, along with a spectrum of mental health disorders and issues. She’s also the author of True Love Dates, Choosing Marriage, Love in Every Season, Are You Really OK?, Married Sex, RESET, and Soul Care. She’s also the host of Talk To Me: The Debra Fileta Podcast (formerly the Love + Relationships Podcast) where she facilitates on-air authentic counseling-style sessions. Her popular relationship advice blog reaches millions of people each year with the message of healthy relationships! Debra is the founder of the Debra Fileta Counselors Network. To book an online session with a DFCN counselor please click here. Connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.


It can be overwhelming to find a therapist, who recognizes the role of faith while also acknowledging the unique nuances of mental health. Bri is proud to be able to integrate a faith perspective with research-based mental health practices. She offers a tailor-made approach to each of her clients. She graduated from a nationally-ranked, top ten graduate counseling program focusing on Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy with a certification in Mental Health Counseling. She is Level 1 Gottman Method Couples Therapy trained. Bri has led counseling groups on topics of grief, anxiety, trauma, creative arts, and healthy relationships at a college counseling center. She is an Associate Certified Coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation and works as an Adult ADHD Executive Functioning Coach in addition to her role as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has taken seminary courses on biblical and theological foundations. She is also enrolled in a two-year professional development course on psychodynamic psychoanalytic theory. Her primary ministry role focuses on pastoral care and mental health in the church. She offers a non-judgmental, insightful, and engaging approach to her sessions and looks forward to supporting you on your healing journey!


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