Audio Lesson – Sex And The Single Life: What To Do With Desires While You Wait




Sex.  It’s on your mind, because being single doesn’t mean you’re immune to sexual desires.

The problem is that this topic is not addressed in the Church.  We treat sex like a ‘Say No To Drugs’ campaign without offering any practical advice on how to navigate our sexual desires in a God-honoring way.

So what do you do with your sexual desires while single?

How do you reconcile that God gave you these desires with the fact that sometimes they are a major struggle?

How do you break free from sexual sin (Pornography, Masturbation, Lustful Thoughts, Promiscuity)?

Order today to tune in to this 40-Minute AUDIO LESSON and get the answers these questions and so much more.  I dig into the psychological and spiritual components of sex, sexuality, and sexual desires. I strongly believe this is something the Church needs to be talking about more and with a shift in your perspective you can gain the knowledge that you need to experience God’s best for sex and sexuality.