Audio Lesson – 10 Important Qualities To Look For In A Dating Relationship




Q: What kind of things do you look for in the early stages of a relationship?

When it comes to finding a potential life partner, so many people envision a magical moment, where they look into someone’s eyes and they “just know”.

But the truth is, healthy marriages and life-long relationships are based on much more than “magical moments”. It’s important to have realistic expectations in the first few months of a relationship. Don’t try to mimic or replicate someone else’s love story, because you’ll miss the things that God is revealing and doing in your own story.

While it’s impossible to know someone completely during the initial stages of a dating relationship, it’s important to get an idea of who they are by looking for qualities and characteristics that point in the direction of health and maturity.

When it comes to choosing someone to invest in, there are some qualities you should definitely look for during the early stages of a relationship. In this 20-minute AUDIO LESSON, I’m going to tackle the 10 important qualities you should look for in a significant other.

Give it a listen today!