Audio Lesson – 10 Dating Deal-Breakers




Q: Is this habit that I see in my significant other an annoying habit that I should over-look, or is it a sign of a behavior pattern that should be a deal-breaker? 

So many times, people have a hard time determining if something is a major or a minor in a relationship. In my book, True Love Dates, I dissect this topic a little more, and share with you the idea of a RED, GREEN, and YELLOW list.

In this 20-minute audio lesson, I walk you through a few of those lessons, and then I break down 10 dating deal-breakers that will help you identify certain qualities and attributes in a relationship that are simply a “no-go”. 

Some of the topics we’ll cover include addictive behaviors, communication, how your significant other handles emotions, honesty and openness, and so much more. Click below to purchase and download this Premium Content audio lesson!