Body, Burnout, and Boundaries: Physical Health

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Are you physically healthy? Before you quickly answer, let me remind you that Physical health is not what you think. In my book Are You Really OK? I walk you through aspects of physical health: nutrition, diet, exercise, and how to set boundaries and avoid burnout. In today’s episode, we’re doing a deep dive into one of those areas — and I think it’s going to challenge your perspective on physical health.

We’re in the middle of a four-part series where I’m asking YOU to answer the question: Are you really ok? We’re talking through emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health week by week– because there’s no better way to start the new year than by stopping to really take inventory of how you’re doing!

At the end of the series, I’m hosting a ARE YOU REALLY OK? BOOK CLUB!!! It will be a two-hour zoom meeting where I’ll be taking all your questions, hearing your stories, and helping you process the things you’re learning in the book. To join the book club, all you need to do is listen to this four-part series, buy a copy of Are You Really OK? and commit to reading through it, and then sign up for our FREE BOOK CLUB January 26th!! I can’t wait to connect with you face to face and talk through all these things.

But for now, tune in this episode of the Love & Relationships Podcast and follow the show by clicking on the button below!



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