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Online Dating Tips: Up Your Odds of Finding A Good Match

In Podcast by Debra Fileta

If you’re single, I know you’re looking for online dating tips. Because, ugh, online dating?  It’s a love-hate relationship for sure…especially when it comes to being a Christian and trying to date online.

From the Christian singles I’ve interacted with: they are online because there seems to be no other way to meet other Christian singles.

So you give it a try, but like today’s caller  – you aren’t loving it.

On today’s episode, I talk to a 36-year-old woman who comes from small town in the middle of nowhere, so online dating seems to be her only hope.  But she’s feeling fed up with it, and she’s looking for online dating tips. Somehow, she seems to be attracting the wrong kind of guys. So the question is…is it her? Is it her profile? Is there anything she can do to maximize her chances of finding a good match online.

Online Dating Tips

You’re going to want to tune in because I’m going to give you THREE TIPS to navigating online dating in a way that’s productive and will up your chances of finding a good match – and weeding out all the rest. Because like I said on today’s episode:

It’s just as important to learn to attract the right people, as it is to learn to repel the wrong people. (TWEET IT!!)

After our conversation, I’m going to introduce you to a married couple who actually met online – and it’s working for them! They’re going to share their online dating tips and tricks and how they knew it was a right match. You’re going to love their online dating advice so make sure you listen to the very end!

I just adore this episode, and I know you will to. Get ready to take some notes!

Single, dating, or married this show has something for you. Tune in to today’s episode to hear licensed counselor, Debra Fileta, as she answers her caller through this unscripted conversation in Episode 005 of the Love + Relationships Podcast.


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online dating tips