Do you find yourself in a one sided relationship where you are doing all the work and getting little to nothing back? Learn how to break the pattern!

The One Sided Relationship: What It Tells Me About You

In Podcast by Debra Fileta

Have you ever found yourself in one sided relationship where you are doing ALL the work? Where you are giving, and giving, and giving – and getting little to nothing in return?

Why do you find yourself one way relationships again, and again, and again? The simple answer is this:

You attract the type of relationship you think you deserve. (Tweet it!)

So how do you change that narrative? How do you start believing that you’re worth more? How do you block out the lies that tell you you’re not capable, able, deserving, or worthy?

Why am I always in a one sided relationship?

On today’s episode, I talk to a woman who is struggling with one way relationships in every aspect of her life: from dating, to friendship. She finds that she is in a pattern of putting in all the effort, but getting nothing back in return.

I also talk through the three types of relationships you need to have in your life, because learning to recognize which type of relationship you are in will let you know whether or not it’s time to WALK AWAY from a one sided relationship.


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Single, dating, or married this show has something for you. Tune in to today’s show to hear licensed counselor, Debra Fileta, as she answers her caller through this unscripted conversation in Episode 004 of the Love + Relationships Podcast.


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Let go of the labels and cling to God’s truth about who you are in Christ.

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