My Unhealthy Marriage

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Today I chat with Rebekah from Florida about how to navigate an unhealthy marriage, especially when you have children, who you are trying to raise in a healthy way!

The most interesting part about my conversation with Rebekah is that by the time I was able to get to her question, things had already began to shift in her life!!!

She started consuming my podcast and my books, and realized that a huge portion to creating a healthy marriage was learning how to get healthy standing alone… And she got started on her own journey of healing!!

Honestly, I was so inspired and encouraged by my conversation with her… And it’s a testament to the fact that when you begin to do the personal work in your life, things begin to shift in your life!!! You are not going to believe her story!! It brought tears to my eyes.

For anyone who is in the middle of an unhealthy or difficult marriage, I believe this conversation will give you hope and the perspective you need to take the next steps — even if your spouse is not willing to do the same.

Tune in today!

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