The Most Popular Relationship Articles of 2014

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It was seriously awesome going through the data from this past year and seeing which articles resonated the most with my readers! According to you guys (thanks for reading, writing, commenting, and sharing!), these articles were the best of the best in 2014. Check out the list below to see if your favorites made it, or to catch up on ones you missed.

Here’s a list of the top 10 most-read articles in 2014 at

10. 20 Christian Pick-Up Lines That Will Totally Work on You

Is it just me, or is it telling that this article made the top 10 list? Not only are you all Christian and single- but you are ready to mingle! This collection of pick up lines is simply amazing. #7 is my all-time favorite!

9. Why Chivalry, As We Know It, Should Be Dead

Is chivalry dead? If you haven’t read this unique article yet, you need to. With almost 5,000 shares shortly after being published, it really resonated with a lot of readers. Here’s a glimpse:

A real man may open your door…but more importantly, he opens his heart, his feelings, and gives of his life.

A real man may pay for your meal…but he’s also willing to selflessly lay down his rights.

A real man may carry your bag…but more than that, he gently holds your heart.

A real man may offer you his coat in the cold…but ultimately, he offers you respect, honor, and loyalty that’s displayed in how he lives his life.

So many times as women, we insist on the first; and settle without the latter.  This kind of chivalry, can die a thousand deaths- because standing alone it will never be enough.”

8. Are You Ready for Love?

Ever wonder if you’re ready for love? Apparently, yes, because this article quickly climbed into the top 10, along with it’s coinciding Free Quiz to give direction to those who want some tangible answers to this important question. Don’t miss this one!

7. 10 Things Every Teenage Girl Needs to Know

“Lesson #1: You are Valuable Standing ALONE…Lesson #2: How You Dress Will Attract a Certain Kind of Guy….” I have to admit, I was SO happy to so this article do so well, because I truly believe that our younger generation can be spared so much heart-ache if they could just learn these lessons sooner than later. Whether or not you’re a teenager, give this one a read and then share it with a teen in your life.

6. The Boyfriend Checklist

Don’t date another guy until you’ve read through this list! With over 3,000 shares in the first few hours of publication, this one seems to have struck a chord. Check it out!

5. 3 Reasons Christian Guys Need to Ask a Girl Out

I’m pretty sure all the women in the room unanimously “Amen”’ed this post. I got some awesome feedback from this one, and I hope it encouraged some of the men out there to really believe that they have what it takes! Brothers…it’s time to step it up! Check this one out and then share it with all the men in your life.

4. 15 Really Annoying Things Christian Singles Hear

This is one of my most-shared articles. It’s the gift that keeps on giving because everytime it’s passed along I get a flood of emails in my inbox from thankful people who connected with this article and frankly, just needed to laugh about it instead of fume. If you’re single, give it a read and get ready for a chuckle. And if you’re married, study this well…and never, ever, ever say these things.

3. 10 Girls You Should Never Date

Not only was this article one of the most popular, but it was also one of the most CONTROVERSIAL! I couldn’t even believe my ears from some of the “hater-mail” I received for this article and it’s counterpart. But the amazing and encouraging comments on these articles, combined with the fact that they reached well over 50,000 shares between the two of them (including other publications) help me to know that I’m still on the right track with these articles…I simply struck a nerve!! But if you ask me- sometimes, nerves need to be struck for things to change. Go check it out…but save your hater-mail for someone else 😉 I stand by my words!

2. Sexual Purity is Not The Most Important Thing

This is by far what I consider the most powerful article of the year. There are some articles that I write that stick with me, because through them I feel like God is speaking to me, changing me, and challenging me. Apparently, this article stuck with many of you as well, as evidenced by the near 10,000 shares in just a few days…and for that I am so grateful. Check it out and while you’re there, catch up on the entire SEX series we did this year!

1. 10 Guys You Should Never Date

And the #1 Article of 2014…..10 Guys You Should Never Date! Makes me think that there are some girls out there who have gone on some really bad dates!! As controversial as this article was (you can read more about that- as well as my counter response HERE) it caused an incredible ripple effect of amazing response. I’m so glad to hear of the changes that are happening in your lives as you all resolve to do relationships better.

Here’s to 2015: May it be filled with little heart-break, much wisdom, and a whole lot of love.

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