If you want to marry well, marry someone who has these traits and don't even think about settling for anything less. Because healthy marriages aren't just magically found, they're chosen and they're created - one decision at a time.

Marry Someone Who (Here’s What You Need To Know About Who You Marry)

In Marriage by Debra Fileta

I’ve heard far too many sad stories of marriages that didn’t end so well.

Sometimes, they didn’t even start well.  

In light of these tragedies, I’m hoping to raise awareness of the importance of marrying well.

There are so many diseases, struggles, social issues and problems that we commit to becoming “aware” of throughout the year in hopes of making long lasting change.  But one thing that is equally devastating — more so, heartbreaking— is the epidemic of broken marriages.

Broken hearts, broken spirits, broken lives.

While I’m aware that there are some things we can’t do to control our relationships, there are so many things we can do.  

One of those things, is learning how to marry well.  I believe so strongly about the importance of marrying well, that I commit an entire book to the subject of marrying well.

But while I have your attention, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the most important ingredients to a healthy relationship. Here’s to raising some awareness about the importance of marrying well.

Marry someone who knows how to make you smile- but more so, wants to make you smile.

Marry someone who builds you up, not tears you down.

Marry someone who knows how to apologize when they’ve been wrong.

Marry someone who can extend you a generous portion of grace and forgiveness, when you’ve been wrong.

Marry someone who is interested in the details of your life, because the details make up who you are.

Marry someone who you can pray with, because there is nothing more intimate than bearing your heart and soul together before Jesus.

Marry someone who loves you for who you are, but challenges you to become even better.

Marry someone who you don’t get sick of, because you’ll be hanging out a lot.

Marry someone who can love you with their actions, not just their words.

Marry someone who points you to Jesus, rather than to him/herself.

Marry someone who trusts you fully, and someone you can trust completely.

Marry someone who will make a good friend, not just a good lover.

Marry someone who loves Jesus, even more than he/she loves you.

Marry someone who is willing to communicate, even if it’s not a strength.

Marry someone who has nothing to hide, and lives a transparent life.

Marry someone who is all grown up, because if they’re responsible with their life they’ll be responsible with your heart.

Marry someone who is just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Marry someone who you can have fun with, because laughter is like medicine.

Marry someone who wants to know you entirely: your heart, your spirit, and your mind.

Marry someone who will choose WE before ME.

Marry someone who has the values, beliefs and qualities that are most important to you…but most of all, seek to become that kind of person yourself.  

Because marriage has the power to MAKE or BREAK you. So be sure to marry well. #MarriageAwareness

What are the components that have been most meaningful to you for a healthy relationship? Because healthy relationships aren’t just FOUND – they’re MADE.

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