Marriage Should Make You Happy (and other bad relationship advice) with Gary Thomas

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Marriage should make you happy. That’s the relationship advice we hear all the time. But is it even true?

How much weight do we need to put on our happiness? What is the secret ingredient to creating happiness in marriage? Does happiness create a good marriage, or does a good marriage create happiness?

And what happens when you’re not happy? Is it even realistic to say we’re going to be happy all the time in marriage? 

We need to take the time to evaluate this relationship advice, and make sure we’re questioning it and seeing it for what it’s worth.

Marriage Should Make You Happy — or Should It?

Today, my friend, pastor, and bestselling author of Sacred MarriageGary Thomas, helps me tackle this important bad relationship advice, because it’s advice that’s hurting many marriages. We’re going to take a look at both scripture and psychology and get to the root of this bad relationship advice, and offer you a BETTER perspective — a perspective that helps us look at holiness before we look at happiness.

Tune in now for today’s discussion!


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