Love In Every Season: Understanding the Four Stages of Every Healthy Relationship!

Just as nature cycles through seasons, relationships rotate through stages again and again that either make or break your love life.

Single, dating, engaged or married -- you're invited to take a psychological and spiritual journey through the four seasons of love: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. 


This book is an amazing tool that can bring healing, joy, and depth at so many levels! I know it did for me.

Jefferson Bethke
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Love In Every Season expertly uncovers the challenge and promise of every season of love and marriage. It offers hope, perspective, encouragement and instruction for every romantic relationship at every stage. Highly recommended.

Gary Thomas

No matter your relationship status, this book is for you. This book is pivitol to helping you become the mother, husband, daughter, father, or mother-in-law God intended you to be.

Levi Lusko

Love In Every Season will transform the way you look at love. Whether you're single, dating, or married you'll discover what it takes to truly make love grow through every age and stage.

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott
This book is destined to become a masterpiece among marriage and relationship books!
Dave and Ashley Willis, MarriageToday

Debra Fileta is a talented speaker, trusted counselor and an amazing writer. Love In Every Season is the perfect book for your relationships whether your love is just blooming or you are struggling with the winter blues. Engaging and impactful, Debra's insights are the remedy needed for those who desire authentic intimacy, biblical insights, and practical ways to grow healthy relationships.

Dr. Chris and Alisa Grace, Center for Marriage and Relationships, Biola University

Debra is one of the most insightful voices on relationships today, and whether you've been married for 30 years or dating for only a few months, you will love this book. Love In Every Season is compelling and filled with wisdom that explains so much about how to navigate the inevitable "seasons" of life and relationships"

Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and bestselling author of For Women Only
Debra's words of wisdom will inspire and instruct you toward the health and success of a current relationship or any future relationships. Love In Every Season reads as if you were sitting across from Debra in a comfortable chair, sipping tea, and soaking in her encouraging and hope-filled observations. Get this book and make Debra your personal relationship mentor!
Chris Reed, pastor at Saddleback Church

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