Letting Myself Feel The Pain: On-Air Counseling Session with Bianca Olthoff

In Podcast by Debra Fileta

Over the next few weeks I’ll be having raw, open, and honest conversations with some of the top Christian leaders and teachers, asking them: Are YOU really ok?  This series of on-air counseling sessions with some of the most influential teachers and leaders in the Church, is leading up to the one-year anniversary of my book, Are You Really OK?, challenging each and every one of us to get real about how we’re really doing mentally and emotionally.

It takes courageous people to openly and publicly talk about their journey with mental and emotional health, but these are the exact conversations that begin taking down the stigma, paving the way for us to truly get real about how we’re doing as Christians.

Today’s session is with Bianca Olthoff. Bianca is a pastor, teacher, and church planter who has been in ministry for many years. She’s come to a point where she realized that she’s not okay — right here and right now in this season. There has been so much change in the past two years since the pandemic started, and she’s realizing that the pain of the past few years is something she needs to face.

“I think that the present has been a really hard season for me…and I need to make space for the sad.”

Today we talk through the hard things of the past few years, and how they’ve all compounded leaving her at a place where she has to acknowledge the hard things, feel the hard things, and grieve the hard things.  Maybe you can relate. Maybe you find yourself running, distracting, ignoring the pain — rather than dealing with it. If so, this episode is for you.

Be sure to listen to the end where I give a summary of our talk, as well as ways you can apply it to your own journey of getting healthy from the inside out and asking — Are YOU really OK?

So sit back, and take in this vulnerable conversation with Bianca on the Are You Really OK? Podcast Series a part of the Love + Relationships Podcast with Debra Fileta. 

Now it’s your turn. It’s time for YOU to get real about how you’re doing. Grab a copy of Are You Really OK? for yourself, and let’s do the work of getting healthy from the inside out.



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