Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Every Relationship Status

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

You can be specific and intentional in getting a gift for that special someone this Christmas! We might be only a few days away from Christmas but it is never too late to give something from your heart.
Check out this Christmas gift guide for every relationship status for some inspiration.


I love when Debra shares how she and her husband John first started out as friends. Debra shares that their friendship lasted about 5 good months before they had the “DTR” conversation. Debra says “We met in the summertime (so long before the holidays) but I remember clearly receiving and giving gifts with him along the way, even in our friendship stage.”  

Whether you’re looking to give a gift to a single person, a friend, or someone you’re newly dating – here are some simple ideas to get you started.*


Debra’s Notes: – John and I exchanged a LOT of books during this stage in our relationship. The first gift he ever sent me was a book to read called The Heavenly Man, when he heard I had a long flight coming up ahead. I love this idea because by giving books, especially books you love, are reading, or appreciate, you’re inviting that person into your interests, giving them a chance to get to know you better.

  1. True Love Dates by Debra Fileta
  2. Choosing Marriage by Debra Fileta
  3. Love in Every Season by Debra Fileta
  4. Are You Really OK? by Debra Fileta
  5. Outdated by Jonathan JP Pokluda
    Podcast Episode: Are You Really OK? My On-Air Counseling Session with JP Pokluda
  6. Single Dating Engaged Married by Ben Stuart
    Podcast Episode: #2 Most Downloaded: Am I Too Picky? with Ben Stuart


Games -Many of these games are card games that you can easily put in your car and take on a picnic date or over to someone’s place!

Debra’s Notes: “Truth be told, John and I spent a lot of time playing games in our dating days. They are a great way to spend time together, get to know each other, and have fun in a light-hearted environment.”

  1. Blokus
  2. Rivals for CATAN
  3. Scattergories
  4. We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game (best for when you have been dating for at least 3 months or are in a relationship)
  5. Sequence Snap Box
  6. The Skin Deep Card Game, {THE AND} Dating Edition Card Game (best for when you have been dating for at least 3 months or are in a relationship)
  7. Qwirkle Board Game

Christmas Gifts for ENGAGED couples

For those of you who are engaged and looking for presents a little more personal or meaningful, here are some fun ideas:

Christmas Gifts For MARRIED Couples

Gift Giving may look a little different as a married couple but it is still such an important thing to be able to express love and appreciation for your spouse whether it be a small gift or something really special. Here are some fun ideas!

You can gift the Married Sex Conference to your spouse!
Hosted by bestselling marriage author Gary Thomas and Licensed Counselor Debra Fileta, this online conference will help take you take your sex life to the next level. Packed with important seminars from some of the top leaders, teachers, and experts in the marriage space — you’ll learn about love and married sex in a way you never have before

Be Thoughtful

Subscriptions: Do you know your significant other’s favorite movie or television series? Perhaps they like to watch documentaries or sports! Give them a gift that you can share when you are together that can be for future dates.
– Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, Discovery+, Hulu, Masterclass etc.
– Audible: Several of Debra’s books are available for you to listen.

Handwritten Cards or Homemade Gifts: A thoughtful handwritten note can go a long way! Write down something specific to your relationship or make something using your own talent and skill.

Memories: Re-create a significant memory in your relationship or plan ahead to do a fun activity together.
– Tickets to concerts, artists, movies, theater, events or reservations to your favorite restaurant
– Find on Amazon Prime a ornament, mug etc. that represents your relationship

Journal: It can be nice to be able to write down experiences that you have had together in a journal. Journals are also great gifts to give alongside one of Debra’s books. Do you know if he or she likes lined, unlined or dotted?

Food: Make their favorite meal or dessert! Share a good meal together.

I hope these Christmas gift suggestions spark some ideas on how you can give a gift from the heart. If you have any gift suggestions or stories on how your significant other surprised you with the best gift please leave a comment below!

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