We say we want healthy relationships but most of us tend to go for what's convenient rather than what's good for us. Here's how to break that cycle.

Junk Food Relationships: Healthy Relationships AREN’T Convenient

In Podcast by Debra Fileta

There’s a reason junk-food is so popular.

It makes you feel good for a little while, it’s quick, and most of all – it’s convenient. But at the end of the day, it destroys your health and expands your waist-line. And we ultimately end up regretting it.

The same thing kind of goes for “junk food relationships”. 

We all say we want healthy relationships, but in reality, most of us tend to go for what’s easy and convenient rather than what’s good for us.

Today I’m chatting with a woman who has a tendency to go for the convenience of dating the guy next door…whether or not he’s good for her. And this pattern is starting to have a negative impact on her life.

Maybe for you it’s not the guy or girl next door, but it’s important to ask yourself if you tend to do what’s convenient, rather than what’s best for your life and relationships. 

Part of the problem is that so many people today confuse their needs with their preferences. We end up making majors out of minors, and minors out of majors.

If we’re not careful, what’s OKAY ends up taking the place of what’s BEST in our lives (TWEET IT!)

Healthy Relationships Look Like This:

Today’s conversation is so, so, so good. On this episode, we’re talking through:

  • Learning to choose healthy relationships vs. convenient relationships.
  • Understanding the difference between your needs and your preferences.
  • Exploring how loneliness can drive us to make bad relationship choices, and how to deal with that loneliness.
  • Learning to deal with uncomfortable emotions rather than try to sedate them.
  • Understanding how to set boundaries in relationships that aren’t good for us.
  • Finding the courage to say no to the people and situations that are going to bring us down.
  • Practical steps to making a red, green, yellow list of the things you’re looking for in a relationship even before you’re in a relationship.
  • Why marrying a believer is NOT optional.

Single, dating, or married this show has something for you. Tune in to today’s episode to hear licensed counselor, Debra Fileta, as she answers her caller through this unscripted conversation in Episode 006 of the Love + Relationships Podcast.


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