I’m Single, But Not Alone

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As singles, we’re often taught to be self sufficient and independent. But sometimes, there’s no other options. For example, who else is up at 4:15am to drive you to the ER when there’s an emergency?

For me, I recently had back surgery. If any of you have had a procedure, you are aware of the limitations that follow. Especially when you’re single. It is easy to become discouraged when you live alone. On top of that, asking for help is not in my DNA.

But these challenges have allowed me to really see how faithful the Lord is over and over again.

The other night I was feeling especially anxious and upset about being single because the garbage needed to be taken out and because of my surgery, I am not allowed to lift or carry anything. I began to cry and pray to the Lord not just about how the garbage is going to be taken out, but about my life. Not only was I filled with the Holy Spirit, but wouldn’t you know, as my prayers ended, I got a text message someone was on their way to take out my garbage. He is faithful and he does care about every minor detail and need of our lives.

And so many times, He brings people to help you just when you need them the most. In fact, just recently a ‘meal train’ was set up for me and a lady that sits on the *other* side of the church brought me dinner. We did not know each other well and this turned out to be more than just dinner.

As I began to learn about her, she shared with me that the enemy was coming full force against her and her family. My heart broke for her! In was in that moment the Lord prompted me to pray over her and lay hands on her as scripture instructs us. ‘The Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you’. (Romans 8:11.) I never felt such power of healing come through me for another. Imagine, I could serve another, while she is serving me. Would I have had this chance if I had a significant other to cook for me?

How might God be using your singleness to change you? To open your eyes to the needs of others? To remind you that HE CAN BE TRUSTED.

I believe we all have a cross to bear. I have used my spinal disease to encourage others from hospital elevators to MRI technicians. God uses us to reach the lost. And in return, he has filled my heart with loving people that make meals, take out garbage and call to hear about my progress.

My journey is not over and even before this past surgery I too, like Jesus, asked for it to be taken away from me. However, I will answer when he calls. God has not forsaken me; and while I spend most my challenges alone, I’m not.

He continually puts the next person in my life to sustain me and reminds me that I need the Lord FIRST. There will be one day, I will not be single. And until then, I continue to reply on Him.

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” Luke 1:45

This GUEST POST Written by Rebecca Repansky

**Hey friends! I got an email from Rebecca a few weeks ago, and I just loved her heart and story. So I asked her to share on the blog. I hope you were encouraged, and if so, leave her some love in the comments below! –Debra

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