I Blame Myself (with Faith Eury Cho)

In Mental and Emotional Health, Podcast by Debra Fileta

Today I have an on air session with Faith Eury Cho. 

Faith and I talk about a difficult season she went through when everything was falling apart and it seemed like she had no one to blame but herself. We talk through the concept of self-blame, where it comes from, and how we can begin to take ownership of what’s ours to own vs. what’s not! 

In this one-air counseling session we talk through the details of her childhood, her Korean-American upbringing, increasing our expectations of God, and learning to let others own what belongs to them. We process why it’s so easy for her to take more blame and responsibility on her shoulders than she deserves. 

Listen to this powerful session with Faith, and as you do, ask yourself where you might need to “shift” some of the responsibility and ownership in your life in healthy ways. 

Tune in now!

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