How to Know God’s Will

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At one point or another, we’ve all wanted to hear God and to know His will.  We’ve wished we could sit and talk with Him, pick up the phone when He calls, or write notes back and forth.  We’ve wanted Him to answer our questions and tell us His plans.  God, how long do I have to wait?  God, what is coming up next this year?  God, which choice is best one for my life? God, who will I end up marrying?

We just want to know His will.

I’ve wished these things myself. In fact, I’ve attended seminars, listened to speakers, and participated in conferences aimed at “finding God’s will for your life” and “learning to hear God’s voice”, each time hoping someone would offer me three magical steps to getting in tune with God.  Each time hoping I would leave those places somehow able to tune into God’s secret and mysterious wavelength.

Well, that never happened.  Not quite like I expected it to, anyhow.  In fact, there have only been two or three times in my entire life where I was almost sure I had heard God’s voice…so clear that it was almost audible.  But then again, 3 times in 30-something years isn’t a whole lot of “hearing”, is it?

But since I’ve been married my perspective on hearing God has changed.  I’ve come to understand the concept of hearing God as synonymous for knowing God – similar to how it is in my marriage.

In marriage, and especially nearing 10 years of marriage, I have gotten to know my husband in a deep and intimate way.  I know him SO WELL.

I know what his favorite books are.

I know which air freshener scent he would choose, and which he wouldn’t.

I know the kind of things that get on his nerves…and I even know HOW to get on his nerves if I want to…

I know exactly what food he would order at each restaurant we go to, and what he’d get to drink on the side.

I know his goals, his ambitions, and his dreams.

I know the things he supports, approves of, and agrees with, and the things he doesn’t.

I know what he spends most of his time worrying about, praying about, and thinking about.

I know his heart.

The deeper I get in my knowledge of him, the closer I feel to him.  There is something sacred about that level of connection with another human being…when you even get to the point where you know what they would say, before they say it. And sometimes, even what they’re thinking.

But you see, it wasn’t always like this. I remember years ago before we got married my husband-to-be and I participated in a “how well do you know each other” game. We sat back to back in a room full of friends, while someone asked us detailed questions about each other, to see if we could answer. I’ll be honest with you, I remember feeling a twinge of embarrassment of how many questions I missed about this guy I was going to marry! I mean, how was I supposed to know the details of his pant-size, or what books he had in his night-stand drawer….we weren’t even married yet!

But today., if you were to ask me a list of questions about my husband…his favorites, his hopes, his future, his likes and dislikes….and even the details of his life….I could answer.  If you were to ask me what he would choose, what he would will, or want…I would know.  Without a shadow of a doubt.  Because I know him deeply and intimately.  I know him well.

I think that this concept says a lot about the “secret” to hearing God’s voice.  It’s as simple as that, yet as complex as that.  Simple because He allows for anyone to draw near him in such a way.  He allows for ANYONE to enter relationship with Him, and to get to know him deeply and intimately. Not only does He allow it, He LONGS for it.

But complex, because it requires something of you.  It requires a heart of commitment.  It requires a dedication and love that EXITS the world of religious obligation and ENTERS the realm of intense relationship.

It requires getting to know Him: reading His words, conversing with Him, sharing your heart with Him, inviting Him into the details of your life, and opening your eyes to experiencing Him in the present.  Just like any significant relationship, it requires investing more of your heart and even more of your time.

It requires getting to know him…and getting to know him well. 

May you, dear one, be drawn into an ever-increasing intimacy with God.  May you be encouraged and inspired to desperately fall on your knees, asking less about what He wants, but instead wanting more of Him.  May your eyes be opened to the depths of His heart, so that you may know and believe that His heart is truly full of goodness and love toward you.  And as you draw nearer to Him, may your eyes be continually opened to knowing what He desires and wills for your life.  His good, pleasing, and perfect will.  Be encouraged….You were made to  hear God’s voice. 

John 10:27

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

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