How to Change Your Love Life…Today!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner–and we all know there’s one thing on everyone’s mind…

Finding Love.

The problem is– it’s not always that easy.  We’re bombarded by messages claiming to have the answer to this really complicated process called love, and sometimes- it can be hard to sort through them.

As a Professional Counselor, I’m truly passionate about letting people know that no matter who you are or what you’ve been through-relationships can be done right.  This entire website and my book, True Love Dates, are dedicated to giving singles and those in a dating relationship some seriously practical advice, grounded in psychological truth, and rooted in faith.  But best of all–it’s about having hope and learning that you can take control of your life and relationships, rather than letting them control you.

I’m been so excited about all the positive feedback I’ve been receiving from you all about True Love Dates and how God is using it to change lives and relationships. More important to me than any interview with the press, or review from the media, or number of books sold- are the things I’m hearing from real-life people!  It makes it all worth it for me.  Here are just a few examples of what others are saying about True Love Dates.  Don’t just take my word for it–Give these blog posts a read–and then pick up a copy of True Love Dates for yourself.

Your love life can truly begin to change…and there’s no better time than today.


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