These 12 stages of physical intimacy are a great way to give you answers to how far is too far when it comes to a dating relationship.

How Far Is Too Far? Physical Touch Before Marriage

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How far is too far when it comes to physical touch before marriage? I’m sure you’re not shocked to hear that it’s one of the most frequently asked questions I receive at my relationship advice blog,

How far is too far?

On today’s mini-episode (18 minutes!) I’m answering just that! In this quick episode, I’m offering some practical, bite-sized advice for anyone who has ever wondered where to draw the line with physical touch before marriage.

I’m going to talk you through the 12 stages of physical touch and explain to you when I believe physical touch goes from the green zone, to the yellow zone, to the red zone.

If you’ve ever wondered how far is too far to go physically in a dating relationship, you’re going to want to tune in to Episode 014 of the Love + Relationships Podcast, where we talk candidly about all things love, sex, dating, singleness and marriage.


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