14 Hilarious Text Message #Fails

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Parents shouldn’t text. At least that’s what the people at www.parentsshouldnttext.com believe. You may have seen some of the hilarious/awkward/awesome text messages they publish for the world to see. Here are some of my favorites that get me going every time…hope they add a chuckle to your weekend.

And Mom, if you’re reading this…this is why I stick to phone calls. A special shout out to my amazing parents- and all the other dear parents out there who love us, support us, and totally crack us up. Even with all your technical difficulties, you teach us more than we could ever teach you. Love – Deb


Mom: Your Great Aunt just passed away, LOL

David: Why is that funny?

Mom: It’s not funny David. Wht do you mean?

David: Mom lol means laughing out loud!

Mom: Ohmy goodness!!! I sent that to everyone I thought it meant lots of love! I have to call everyone back oh no!


Mom: I’m learning how to hashtag

Son: That’s great mom

Mom: Hashtag conversation with son


Mom: Hi Bridget I space space space how space space are space you space doing period capital eye love this new phone exclamation point

Bridget: I see you’re using voice text. You don’t have to say space mom it does it for you.

Mom: I cucumber letter pea Ritalin

Bridget: What? Mom stop just type


Mom: Don’t forget to unload the dishwasher.

Mom: Did you finish your homework?

Mom: We have to go to your grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving.

Mom: Dad and I talked we are going to buy you a car next month.

Kid: U are???? Omg thank you

Mom: No. We’re not. I just wanted to make sure you were getting my texts.

Kid: That was cruel


Mom: Please don’t text me for the next hour I’m going to be on the treadmill.

Kid: I wasn’t planning on texting you.

Mom: What did I just say?


Dad: You left your phone at home….

*No response*

(For those of us slower ones who didn’t get this one right away…just give it a minute to sink in.)


Mom: What does IDK, LY & TTYL mean?

Kid: I don’t know, love you, talk to you later

Mom: Ok, I will ask your sister.


Mom: I think there’s something wrong with my phone, I don’t think my texts are going through.

Kid: Yeah, they’re getting through.

Mom: How can you be sure?


Dad: In a meeting.

Dad: In a meeting.

Dad: In a meeting.

Dad: In a meeting.

Dad: In a meeting.

Dad: In a meeting.

Dad: In a meeting.

Dad: In a meeting.

Kid: Are you in a meeting?

Dad: No. Why?


Mom: Good morning, beautiful:)  xoxoxo your Imaginary boyfriend.

Kid: Thanks mom…


Dad: Son you’re in big trouble

Son: WHY?

Dad: Because you’re texting me while your in school

Son: Are you serious?! You texted me first!


Kid: Dad, there’s a moth on the outside of the bathroom door can you get rid of it? Pls hurry because I’m going to cry.

Kid: Dad.

Kid: Dad.

Dad: Dad is dead. You’re next. Love moth.


Mom: Please stop changing the google logo so much, i like the original one.

Kid: Mom, I don’t change the logo google changes it.

Mom: on my computer. You don’t run google?

Kid: If I did I wouldn’t be driving a 2004 Ford


Dad: There is lightly fried fish fillets for dinner.

Kid: Dad it’s 1:15 am

Dad: Do you want the lightly fried fish fillets or not?

Kid: Well I mean yea

Dad: Mhm thought so come downstairs they’re still hot

Kid: Wait, what did you just make them?

Dad: Yah I wasn’t tired so I decided to make some lightly fried fish fillets

Kid: Say lightly fried fish fillets one more time dad


And if I made you laugh with this post, check out my last post so I can make you cry. Gotta balance it out, you know. Happy Weekend!

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