Here’s the Name YOU CHOSE For My New Book!

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Let me tell you something about naming a book…it’s harder than naming a child. I kid you not.

With a child, you’re starting from scratch. It’s like looking at a blank slate. And you can name them anything you want. They will grow into their name.

But naming a book – especially one that’s already been written – that’s a difficult task.

A couple months ago, my publisher and I (and my husband…and family…and all my closest friends….) were racking our brains regarding what the final name would be for my upcoming book. We wanted to get it just right.

There are so many BIG, BOLD, and BRAND NEW ideas in this new book – that we just felt like it needed a name with a punch. But at the same time, not too much of a punch. It needed a name that really captured the heart of this important message for both singles who are looking ahead at marriage, and married couples alike.

And when we couldn’t come to a conclusive decision — we decided we had to take input from my biggest supporters — the readers of my blog! YOU GUYS AND GALS!!

And I’m SO GLAD we did.

If you remember with me, the two title options on the survey were:

Choosing Marriage: The hardest and greatest thing you’ll ever do.

WE>ME: Why marriage is the hardest and greatest thing you’ll ever do.

So, we polled our audience…and the survey results came rushing in! But it wasn’t as cut and dry as we’d hoped…..with just a 10% difference: 55% to 45% to be exact.

55% voted for Choosing Marriage.

45% voted for We>Me.

It was SUCH a close call….that we decided to combine both titles into the final title, a title that truly describes my heart for the message of this book:

Choosing Marriage: Why It Has To Start With We>Me

Because this is exactly where a good marriage has to start – as a commitment to make one good choice after another, both before marriage, and through marriage. 

Whether you’re single and looking ahead at one day choosing marriage, or married and facing the daily challenges of choosing marriage, there are so many things about this new message that I’m dying to share with you.

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And until then, please pray with me that the Lord would use this new project for His glory – and for the healing of many hearts.

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