Why Good Advice Is Not Enough

In Dating, Relationships by Debra Fileta

“Jesus loves you”, he said with a strong voice and quivering hands.  

These powerful words of 95-year-old Billy Graham still echo in my mind, as he invited those watching to experience a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Last night, my husband and I tuned into “My Hope America” as we listened to Billy share the gospel of Jesus Christ on national TV.

Of all the powerful stories of the hope and healing of Jesus Christ presented in this short film, for me,  the most powerful portrayal of the gospel was this simple sentence, “It’s not just good advice, it’s good news.”.  

This phrase struck my heart to the core.  Because of the nature of my job and career, I’m in a place of hearing from and meeting with people- sometimes, at the greatest point of need in their lives.  People looking for hope, for direction, for healing.  People looking for love.

I value the role God has given me in being able to speak into people’s lives and give them perspective- but it would be devastating if all I ever left them with was good advice, because good advice is not enough.  

Good advice may bring hope, but it doesn’t bring healing.

Good advice may bring security, but it can never be the source of salvation.

My ministry may bring advice & perspective, but it only exists for one reason and one reason alone: to introduce people to the deep and ferocious love of Jesus Christ.  A love that can heal, restore, renew, and transform.  A love that can save.

As human beings, we are so hungry for love.   We are desperate to be wanted.  We are looking for purpose, meaning, and a reason.  I hear from hundreds of men and women who are in a desperate search for love.

But what if this void was never meant to be filed by a soul-mate?  What if it’s just a sign, leading us toward something greater, something truer? There is something glorious about finding a soul-mate, but there is a longing inside of us that can only be satisfied by the embrace of a True Lover. We will be searching for unconditional love, until we find it here- because our hearts will be restless, until they rest in Him.

Whoever you are and wherever you are in life, God wants to lavish His love all over you.  He wants to wrap you in His deep embrace, bringing you healing, purpose, meaning and new life.  He wants to give you this because that’s what He does; because loving you is what He wants to do.

No matter the pain in your past, the struggles of your present or the fears of your future, Jesus came to bring His indescribable peace.  By placing your wounds upon Himself, he offers you the hope at a new life- a life that is full of meaning, purpose, and joy.

My greatest hope for this website, book, and ministry is that it would ultimately lead men and women into the deep love of Jesus Christ.  My hope is that they would know this love, so that it could overflow into the lives of those around them.  Because in that, is love…love at it’s truest form.

This is so much more than good advice…it’s good news.  Amen.  


A message from my heart: Friends, I cannot wait until the day I get an email from someone letting me know that through reading True Love Dates, in their search for love- they came to know and experience the deep love of Jesus.  From the beginning, my greatest hope for this book, is that it would open eyes to the meaning of True Love.  If you know someone who is searching for love, or someone who has never understood the great love of Jesus, consider purchasing a copy of True Love Dates to give them as a gift.  All throughout the book, but specifically in Chapter 10 is the greatest message of all- the True Love of Jesus that shatters all the standards of  love.   It challenges the reader to take inventory of their heart, and encourages them to enter and engage in a deep and meaningful relationship with Love himself- Jesus Christ.  Think of all the people you know that need to hear this important message, and then share with them a book that introduces them to the meaning of True Love in their search.  Take a moment to watch this short film, and remember the importance of this message, and then take the steps to share it with others. This is what life is all about.