The way you handle conflict says a lot about the success of your relationships. Today's caller is a newlywed who is wants to know how to deal with conflict in her marriage. I answer her questions with the help of special guest and conflict expert, Dr. Les Parrott.

90% of Couples Who Got a Divorce Had This One Issue

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Did you know that conflict can break your relationship, but it can also make it?

You can’t avoid conflict, but the way you handle it is key.

“Conflict is the price we pay for a deeper level of intimacy.” (Tweet it!)

That was the seriously-best-ever nugget of wisdom that Dr. Les Parrott (my good friend, and psychologist + New York Times Bestselling relationship author) had to say on this episode of the podcast. 

After answering my listener question about how she should deal with conflict in her brand-new-marriage, I knew there would be no one better to chat with than Dr. Parrot, leading expert in the area of conflict.

Because how you handle conflict tells me a lot about your relationships 

In fact, in this episode, I tell you about an out-of-this-world research study that was able to prove with 90% ACCURACY, which couples would stay together and which couples would get divorced based on how they fought. 

That’s no joke. But the good news is that we also talk about what it takes to be successful in this important area of your life.

Your fight style is key to the success of your relationships…so you better learn how to fight well. Because conflict can also lead to greater intimacy, if you know how to manage it in a healthy way.

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Single, dating, or married this show has something for you. Tune in to today’s show to hear licensed counselor, Debra Fileta, as she answers her caller through this unscripted conversation in Episode 003 of the Love + Relationships Podcast.


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