Differences add spice to a relationship, but they can also add stress. Here are some differences - including age differences - that you need to know about!

The Ultimate Date: Date Ideas From First Dates to Married Dates

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What are some fun date ideas and practical suggestions for a successful first date?

On the other end of the spectrum, what are some practical suggestions for married couples who want to carve out some special time each week to date?

Dating looks different today than it did 20 years ago. Scratch that, dating looks different today than it did LAST YEAR. In this episode, we are talking through ins and outs of a date in 2018.

My caller today wants to know some practical suggestions to making the first date a success. So I turn the tables on her and ask her some important questions!

Where is the best place to go on a first date?

What do you talk about?

Who pays the bill?

Who should initiate?

When should you follow up after the date?

If you’ve ever wondered how to pull of a fantastic first date, I’m revealing some fascinating survey results about what people expect a first date to look like.


Then at the end of the episode, we talk to the married friends out there. Because God knows a “date night out” every single week is not the norm, I’m going to give you our top 10 date night IN ideas!! These date ideas are things John and I have done from the comfort of our own home to make some time to connect and enjoy each other’s company. They’re cheap, convenient, easy, and most of them don’t require much planning ahead.

So whether you’re single, or married – get ready to talk about the ultimate date and get some really practical date ideas to get you motivated!

You’re going to love this fun conversation so get ready to for Episode 012 of the Love + Relationships Podcast.


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