Couples Therapy with Ben and Kelsey: Infidelity and Intimacy

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We’re in the middle a four part series through the month of February called Couples Therapy! I’ve invited four courageous couples to join me on the podcast for an on-air counseling session. We’re going behind the curtain of marriage, and giving you a sneak peek of all the things married couples are actually going through behind the scenes.

Because marriage takes work, and it’s important to understand that — but it’s also important to have the tools you need to do that work, and the hope you need to see that it’s always worth it in the end.

Today’s couple, Ben and Kelsey, have been married for almost 9 years. They’re finding themselves stuck in the area of sexual intimacy, but could there be more going on underneath the surface? In our counseling sessions, Kelsey reveals that she has a past history of abuse from childhood. She also shares that she’s had two emotional affairs that have really set them back in their marriage. They both deeply love the Lord and one another — so how is it that they got to this place? Is there hope for their marriage moving forward? What does it look like to get to the roots of what might be going on in their marriage? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

I know many of you will relate to this couple, and the fact that sometimes what’s going on in TODAY is really a reflection of hurts that happened in the PAST that haven’t been fully dealt with. We have to get to the roots if we want true freedom.

And friends — this series has been such a huge hit so far. My podcast was in the top 100 of ALL religion and spirituality podcasts last week, so thank you for listening, sharing, and leaving your review because it helps get the word out about this important series. And now, tune in this powerful episode of the Love & Relationships Podcast and follow the show by clicking on the button below!



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