Compatibility is important in relationships. Here's how to know you're a good match.

Compatibility in Relationships: How To Know You’re A Good Match

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Compatibility is key.

Just because you’re a Christian, and just because someone else is a Christian – doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good match when it comes to being in a relationship. 

Compatibility is a huge piece to the puzzle of relationships, and it’s one that often get’s ignored or overshadowed in the conversation of what makes a healthy relationships. 

When it comes to understanding compatibility in a relationship, there are certain things that have to “fit together” well, just like putting a puzzle together. This isn’t about finding an exact replica of yourself, it’s about finding someone who is going to be a good match for your life. 

In order to find a good match, you’ve got to know your shape, and your colors. 

Compatibility Looks Like…

There are certain big picture topics where it’s important to make sure you have compatibility when you’re in a relationship. 

Today on the podcast, we’re talking through those topics!

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